After surgery
-Breathe a sigh of relief !

The surgery is over and you will leave the ROSTOCK Clinic relieved. What you should pay attention to in the first hours or days after a surgical procedure can be found here.

It is a good feeling when the treatment is completed. But you know yourself -the anesthesia wears off and for a certain time there may be a slight pain. Here, cooling can do a lot of good or even the targeted use of painkillers. And in most cases you can return to work the next day after surgery.
What is important, however, is that since we operate in the oral cavity, there may be restrictions on eating that you should observe carefully – for example: no solid foods, no hot spices, no alcohol, …

What is very important: if you feel uncomfortable after a treatment, or if you are simply unsure, do not hesitate to call our office, or send an email. We are available in any case.

We have also compiled a leaflet for you on how to behave after an operation, which answers the most important questions.

„Behavior after surgery – ROSTOCK ZAHNÄRZTE FRANKFURT“


The most important thing is always to stay calm. After 10 days at the latest, everything is usually healed.

1. in case of minor postoperative bleeding or blood taste in the mouth, it is not good to rinse the mouth with water or other liquids. It is best to sit upright and bite down on a rolled handkerchief or kitchen roll. Pressure is the best way to stop bleeding. If bleeding continues for more than 24 hours, please contact us for a follow-up appointment.

2. You should not eat anything while the anesthesia is working in the mouth. You may bite yourself without realizing it.

3. to counteract swelling in the facial area as best as possible, cool the corresponding region well and regularly from the outside within the first 24 hours. Try to keep your head elevated at all times and also put an extra pillow underneath at night.

4. textile swabs, which we placed in the oral cavity immediately after the operation, you can remove and dispose of after about 30 minutes.

5. please refrain completely from alcohol and cigarettes for the first three days. Excessive coffee and tea consumption can also be problematic in the first three days after surgery.

6. good oral hygiene is very important for good wound healing. Please brush your teeth again in the evening in the usual way. Just avoid direct contact with the wound surface.

7. do not rinse too much with mouthwash! It is sufficient to clean the oral cavity with a disinfecting mouth rinse for 30 seconds once a day.

8. take painkillers only as needed and pay attention to our instructions. Please do not take aspirin for pain relief !

9. avoid stress and intensive and strenuous sports during the first 5 days.

10. after surgery we will give you a cell phone number where you can reach us at any time. It is best to always contact us directly in case of problems – we know you better than an on-call practice or an emergency service.