• Interference field remediation

Interference field remediation

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During root canal treatment, inflamed tissue and bacteria are removed from the root canals and the cavity in the tooth is filled, sealed and the tooth is restored with a filling or crown.

Root canal treated teeth dead teeth and not infrequently prove to be chronic sites of inflammation. These can cause problems in many areas of the body. The affected teeth are often infested with many different bacteria, which find an optimal habitat inside the tooth and readily spread to the surrounding bone tissue. There is a great deal of evidence linking dead teeth to chronic inflammatory diseases and autoimmune disorders.

The bacteria produce toxic substances that can block our human enzymes. In addition, decomposition substances are produced that can lead to chronic inflammation of the surrounding bone and soft tissue tissues and even cyst formation. Allergic reactions can also occur. Root filling materials can also be harmful to our body’s own tissues due to their composition.

Especially in patients with chronic diseases, tooth preservation with root canal treatment should therefore be critically questioned from a holistic point of view.

Objective measurement the OroTox® test: With the OroTox® test it can be decided within minutes whether a suspicious tooth poses a risk to your health.

If a tooth is not worth preserving, ceramic implants offer a safe alternative that can be planned for the long term. We would be happy to inform you at Rostock Zahnärzte Frankfurt.