TMJ therapy -
holistic treatment

Even a small misposition of the jaw can lead to incorrect posture and vice versa. Symptoms such as muscle tension and headache can be the result. With functional diagnostics, we can identify the cause.

Symptoms such as temporomandibular joint clicking, radiating migraine-like complaints, tension in the neck and masticatory muscles, restricted mouth opening and much more can possibly have their cause in a malposition of the jaw or tense masticatory muscles.
The number of affected patients is steadily increasing every year. Stress, along with many other things, seems to be one of the main triggers of this clinical picture (CMD). A temporomandibular joint measurement is the first step in a targeted therapy.
Special individualized bite splints and special physiotherapeutic treatments can help very well. We will be happy to advise you during our temporomandibular joint consultation.
In the case of tension in the masticatory muscles, we recommend a relaxation splint tailored to your needs. In many cases, the symptoms can be alleviated or even completely eliminated with this splint. The splint is made very filigree and is mainly worn on the teeth at night. This splint does not disturb your restful sleep and is usually accepted very quickly.