Prophylaxis -
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Professional dental cleaning is recommended at least 1 to 2 times a year. As a component of good prophylaxis (preventive care), it can help you to enjoy your own teeth for a long time. Professional teeth cleaning can also clean areas that you cannot reach with your toothbrush. For good dental hygiene, it is extremely important that these “corners” are cleaned and the food residues located there are removed.

A dental cleaning brings benefits

A professional dental cleaning usually takes between 40 and 60 minutes and is an important part of sustainable oral hygiene. Among other things, tartar is removed. This accumulates over time due to plaque (dental plaque) and should be removed at certain intervals.

Unfortunately, plaque can hardly be avoided, because our mouth is a distinct bacterial haven. Therefore, over time, a certain amount of plaque naturally forms in everyone. Regular removal of tartar can reduce the likelihood of gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) as well as the risk of periodontosis (chronic inflammation of the periodontium). Regular dental cleanings can also help prevent tooth decay.

Dental cleaning includes several points

A professional dental cleaning consists of several steps. These include the cleaning already mentioned in the name of the treatment. This can be done by ultrasound, airflow or by hand. Here, your teeth, interdental spaces and gum pockets are thoroughly cleaned. Often, a powder jet device is also used.

After cleaning, the teeth are polished. This not only makes them feel pleasantly smooth again – it is also more difficult for bacteria to adhere to the smooth surfaces. At the end of the treatment, a little fluorine is usually applied, which benefits the enamel.

We will be happy to explain the individual steps of tooth cleaning to you personally if you wish. We not only want you to have healthy teeth, but also to enter and leave our practice with a good feeling.

Enjoy your teeth for a long time

Professional teeth cleaning is usually subsidized by your health insurance. The amount of this subsidy depends on your health insurance. You can find out whether you receive a subsidy – and in what amount – either on the website of your health insurance company or by calling the corresponding hotline.

Please inquire in any case! There is a high probability that your health insurance company will contribute financially to the professional dental cleaning. After all, your insurance company will also benefit if you need fewer dental interventions in the future.

Of course, a long dental life always includes good dental care as well as sufficient oral hygiene – with regular brushing and cleaning of the interdental spaces.