Dear colleagues,

As an oral surgery clinic specialized in implant surgery and DVT diagnostics, we would like to offer you our support in a cooperative manner.

A patient who is referred to us for diagnostics or a surgical procedure should experience the same personal closeness that he knows from your practice. Compared to a classical radiology, or to a large maxillofacial surgery, our oral surgery practice is rather compact – but perhaps for that very reason much more flexible and individual than the large units. And with the central location of in the medical center in the middle of the city, ROSTOCK ZAHNÄRZTE FRANKFURT is very easy to reach for all patients.

When you refer a patient to us, we will of course coordinate every step of treatment with you. We will gladly take over all patient records and x-rays from you. If further examinations are necessary for diagnostic reasons (e.g. a DVT scan), we will inform you directly. After diagnostics or a surgical procedure, we will forward all documents to you and refer the patient to you for further treatment.

A referral is a matter of trust. Therefore, I would be happy to present our diagnostic and surgical services to you in a personal appointment.
A short e-mail is sufficient:

Dr. Arne Rostock, Specialist for Oral Surgery