3D DVT diagnostics -
Precision and safety

ROSTOCK ZAHNÄRZTE FRANKFURT uses low-radiation digital X-rays as well as a DVT for computer-aided 3D planning – an indispensable diagnostic tool, especially for surgical procedures.

Digital X-ray means state-of-the-art technology with minimal radiation exposure. Our practice is equipped with one of the most advanced digital X-ray systems. The new digital technology reduces the amount of radiation that hits the patient. The risk of harm to health from X-rays is thus reduced to a minimum. With the DVT, a Digital Volume Tomograph, we have additionally expanded our diagnostic possibilities: We can display the jaw structures 3-dimensionally and precisely recognize the bone structures or the nerve course.
An operative intervention, for example an implantation, can thus be planned precisely and reliably in advance. If we know what to expect before the intervention, then the course of treatment and the result become predictable to a certain extent. This gives you, the patient, a high degree of security. And in many cases, we can use 3D computer planning to make an operation more targeted and minimally invasive – in other words, with the least possible stress for you as a patient.
Another advantage of digital technology: your images are stored on memory media and can very easily be burned onto a CD or sent by e-mail – e.g. to colleagues who will be treating you further.

Our Tip:

X-rays of your interdental spaces can reveal carious defects and leaking fillings or crowns, some of which are not visible in the mouth. Do not leave anything to chance. We will be happy to consult you about this modern examination.