• Bone augmentation

Bone Augmentation

If the bone volume in the jaw is too low for implantation, then we can create an appropriate bone volume through targeted bone augmentation – and thus the best conditions for successful implantation.

Very often, bone augmentation is required before or during implantation so that the implant can heal firmly. In this case, animal, synthetic or autologous bone can be used as a build-up material. Larger bone defects after tooth or cyst removal can be optimally filled with bone substitute materials. This strengthens the jawbone and provides a solid base for the implant.
Bone augmentation is a specialty of oral surgery and is a minor routine procedure for us.

Our Tip:

If you have been told that implantation is not possible in your case due to a lack of bone substance, please let us arrange a non-binding consultation appointment at ROSTOCK ZAHNÄRZTE FRANKFURT. As specialists, we can tell you that modern build-up techniques make quite a lot possible today…