• Dental preservation

Surgical tooth preservation -
permanent values

In our view, a tooth should never be pulled prematurely. This is because there is often a way to keep the natural tooth free of symptoms in the long term by means of a minor surgical intervention.

Not every tooth with a root infection or cyst needs to be removed. Often, the life of a tooth can be preserved and significantly prolonged by minimally invasive surgery. Whether root apex resection or cyst removal, we will be happy to advise you on the modern and gentle techniques available in our practice. In all cases, we use the well-tolerated local anesthetic techniques, which ensure a painless and stress-free operation. We are also happy to help you if your family dentist does not perform surgical treatments and tooth-preserving surgery becomes necessary.
Education is everything. In every surgical consultation, also have the possible alternatives and their prognoses explained to you. Our practice emphasizes transparent and objective consultation so that you can always choose a treatment with the highest efficiency and lowest risk.