• Full ceramics / Veneers

Full ceramics / Veneers

Every natural tooth is an aesthetic masterpiece: reflections, shading, facets, translucency, resilience – replacing a tooth is not easy.
But modern high-tech ceramics make it possible.

Of course, esthetics has always played a major role in dentistry. Therefore, the material development of the dental industry is permanently going on. The demand for white teeth is increasing day by day. Today, a dental crown no longer has to have a “metal edge”. All-ceramic materials, for example, offer the highest esthetics with convincing stability. Anterior ceramic veneers transform a smile and cover up disruptive fillings without much loss of substance. In addition, modern ceramics have very good gum compatibility. We specialize in the fabrication and placement of all-ceramic materials and would like to introduce the advantages of these beautiful restorations to you as well. Ask us about modern dental aesthetic corrections, we will be happy to advise you.

Special requests? No problem.

Our dental technician will be happy to come to the practice to work with you to customize and fabricate your new crowns, dentures, or aesthetically sensitive veneers to your exact specifications. After all, they are your teeth.