• Laughing gas sedation

Laughing gas -
gentle and safe

Nitrous oxide has been used for sedation for over 150 years. It is a light and safe sedation agent that enables relaxed treatment, especially for children and anxious patients.

Laughing gas helps to relax during dental treatment and reduce feelings of anxiety. A mixture of oxygen and laughing gas is administered via a small nasal mask. By relaxing, the patient enters a kind of “trance” – but remains conscious and fully responsive at all times. At the same time as the anxiety, the sensitivity to pain also decreases sharply. The effect of nitrous oxide is harmless and is completely eliminated within 3 minutes after the treatment and you can leave the practice again without an escort. This optimal controllability is a decisive advantage with this sedation procedure.

Our Tip:

Please do not take any sedation medications or drink alcohol prior to your dental appointment. You may endanger others and yourself on the way to our office. In addition, medications can cause unwanted side effects that may possibly affect our therapy. We successfully use nitrous oxide to combat anxiety. Ask us about this harmless method.