Dentures -
the right solution

Life does not leave teeth unscathed. But every tooth that is lost can be replaced. Of course, the best way is to make the tooth look and feel like the original.

There are a lot of options for designing dentures today. Many patients are not familiar with the various prosthetic planning concepts and are little informed about the current state of science in dentistry. We will help you through the maze of different tooth replacement concepts so that you can make the right individual decision for you and so that you can continue to enjoy the precious feeling of living with “fixed teeth”. At ROSTOCK ZAHNÄRZTE FRANKFURT we manufacture all common tooth replacement variants and can therefore also present all alternatives to you in a comparative manner. Simply make an appointment for a consultation.

Our dental technician will be happy to visit you in the practice to customize and produce the new crowns, the new dentures or the aesthetically sensitive veneers according to your ideas. After all, they are your teeth.

What are dentures ?

A distinction is made between fixed and removable dentures. Fixed dentures can be, for example, a crown made of full ceramics, an implant or a bridge. If many of the patient’s own teeth are missing, dentures are also used, which either rest on the oral mucosa or can be anchored to the remaining teeth. Dentures are removed from the mouth at least twice a day for cleaning.

Full dentures are used when a patient no longer has his or her own teeth in the mouth and extensive implant placement with dental implants is not an option. Full or overdentures usually rest completely on the oral mucosa and are held in place by suction retention.

All dentures can also be connected to dental implants to significantly improve retention. Implants are anchored in the jaw in minimally invasive surgical procedures. This technique has been used successfully for decades. Also with us here in Frankfurt.

Why dentures ?

On the one hand, we can close unsightly gaps between teeth beautifully and functionally by means of dentures. A person has twenty-eight teeth in the regular dentition. The completeness of the number of teeth is very important for the chewing function and the correct support of the sensitive jaw joints. Through crowns, dentures and implants we are able to rebuild your teeth very close to the original of nature.

Our dentures from Frankfurt are of high quality, durable and captivating aesthetics.

How do I care for my dentures ?

Fixed dentures, i.e. crowns, bridges and implants, can be cleaned wonderfully with a good toothbrush, an interdental brush and dental floss every day.

Removable dentures such as dentures are cleaned effectively under running water and with a special cleaning brush. Special denture cleaning agents can also be used.

We will be happy to show you which cleaning method is best for your dentures during a professional dental cleaning in our practice in Frankfurt.

We are very pleased to be able to advise you on dentures in our dental clinic in Frankfurt.