• Periodontology

Periodontology -
"No more Gum Bleeding".

There is much more to a healthy smile than just “the teeth”: the gums and the entire “periodontium” are extremely important for oral health. For this reason, periodontitis prophylaxis and treatment are very important to us at the ROSTOCK dental clinic.

Many have it and do not know it. Particularly with increasing age, the risk of bacterially influenced, inflammatory gum disease, so-called “periodontitis”, increases. Severe bone recession leads to tooth loosening and considerable esthetic problems. In addition, patients are often plagued by bleeding gums, pain and bad breath. Of course, this can also be helped. In this case, a wide variety of therapeutic approaches are conceivable and must be determined on an individual basis. Within the framework of our specialized periodontitis consultation, we will work out a treatment plan together with you, which we will then implement step by step. Successful periodontal therapy requires the commitment of both the dentist and the patient. We can do it.

Our tip:

Interdental spaces in particular are the trigger of many bacterial infections and tooth decay. Floss regularly every 2-3 days and remove many bacteria. In our prophylaxis sessions we will show you how it works. Just make an appointment. We look forward to see you.