Tooth removal -
with best recommendations

If a tooth cannot be preserved, then we will remove the tooth. As gently and painlessly as possible. And with the safety and experience from countless interventions of this kind with us in the clinic ROSTOCK ZAHNÄRZTE FRANKFURT.

One of the most common dental surgery procedures is tooth removal, especially wisdom teeth. For us, as a clinic specializing in oral surgery, this is a routine procedure in which we have reduced the duration of the procedure to a minimum. Minimally invasive and familiar with all conceivable complications, we guide you safely through the often feared tooth removal. A comprehensive and intensive informative discussion before the procedure will help you to correctly assess the extent, risks and prognosis. Many of our patients are very surprised after the operation how fast and uncomplicated the procedure was. Whether wisdom tooth, displaced tooth or tooth not worth preserving – we will be happy to advise you about the simple and quick removal in our clinic.

Our tip:

Every tooth removal is individual. You are unique – do not compare your teeth with those of your fellow human beings. Therefore, before the removal, let our Doctors as specialists for oral surgergy consult you about how extensive the procedure will really be. We will be happy to help you in this matter.