• Amalgam Remediation

Amalgam Remediation

Amalgam in dentistry

Amalgam as a filler was and still is used to close cavities caused by caries. Amalgam consists of more than 50% mercury. Mercury is highly toxic and can spread to all parts of the body through the digestive tract. It can be deposited in organs, bones and brain and has a half-life of 18 years.

Possible damage to health from amalgam is causing more and more people to have the harmful amalgam removed.

Procedure of amalgam removal

The following protective measures take place during amalgam removal:

    Rubber protective shield (rubber dam) – protection from dangerous mercury, amalgam chips and fragments.
    Carbide burs with low speed – prevention of toxic mercury vapor
    Chlorella algae insert – binds mercury still present in the tooth
    Clean-up aspirator – additional protection against possible mercury vapor
    Nasal protection mask with oxygen respirator- trapping possible mercury vapor
    Ambient air filter – for best air quality during treatment


CEREC ceramic inlays can then replace amalgam in an optimal and biocompatible way.

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