Digital X-Ray at Rostock Zahnärzte Frankfurt

Less is more. Nowhere does this phrase fit more perfectly than when it concerns the topic of “radiation exposure”. Our modern digital X-ray units combine extremely low radiation exposure with high precision.

Digital X-ray means state-of-the-art technology with minimal radiation exposure (flying across the Atlantic exposes you to about 10 times more radiation than a digital X-ray). Our clinic is equipped with one of the most advanced digital x-ray systems available. The new digital technology significantly reduces the amount of radiation that reaches the patient. As a result, the risk of harm to health from X-rays has been reduced to a minimum. Environmentally hazardous chemicals are no longer necessary in our practice. Also, X-ray films in the classical sense are no longer used and dangerous waste is reduced. Your images can be stored on storage media and can easily be burned onto a CD or sent by e-mail, for example, to colleagues who will be treating you afterwards. Digital X-ray – a real innovation for patients and the planet!

Our tip:

X-rays of your interdental spaces allow us to detect carious cavities and leaking fillings or crowns, which are sometimes not visible in the oral cavity. Do not leave anything to chance. We will be happy to advise you about this X-ray examination.