Dental implants -
following the example of nature

Many people have them but you can’t realize them as artificial teeth: Dental implants. Whether you had a tooth extracted after a failed root canal treatment or lost it during an accident: You don’t have to worry! The dental clinic Rostock Zahnärzte in Frankfurt am Main will help you to get a new and high-quality dental implant. At Rostock Zahnärzte Frankfurt you are also in good hands with all other concerns about your teeth. Surgical interventions in the oral cavity are our medical specialty.

The advantages of a dental implant

Bridges are often considered less expensive than a dental implant. Why should you still choose a dental implant? Quite simply, when a bridge is used, healthy teeth are also ground down. With a dental implant, on the other hand, the other teeth are not affected. Instead, a new tooth is inserted. This is usually made of ceramic or titanium and is screwed onto an implanted screw. Of course, the tooth is adapted to your dentition beforehand. As a result, you can once again show off your best smile with ease and confidence – and no one will notice that you are wearing implants.

A dental implant can be useful for many other reasons. One important point is certainly the perception on the part of other people. Even though a tooth gap may look charming on children, it tends to look alienating on adults. In addition, your implant is firmly attached and can be brushed normally – just like your natural teeth. Alternative solutions often involve more complicated care procedures. So why complicate things when they can be simple?

How to enjoy your dental implant for a long time

Of course, even with an implant, you should continue to pay attention to thorough dental hygiene. Good dental hygiene protects your teeth from decay and also keeps the implants clean. Oral hygiene includes brushing your teeth regularly, preferably with an electric toothbrush. Since the interdental spaces are practically inaccessible with a toothbrush, it is advisable to clean them regularly with dental floss.

A good care? A good idea!

With some dental floss or an interdental brush, these interdental spaces can be cleaned very well. In this way, you also eliminate stubborn food residues in the interdental spaces and offer caries less of a target. It is also a good idea to attend your prophylactic check-up appointment at least 1x a year. This will allow any dental problems to be detected and treated in a timely manner. By having your annual check-up appointments stamped in your health insurance company’s bonus booklet, you can obtain a subsidy from your health insurance company. This may save you a few euros on your next procedure.

Dental implants are now commonplace. Many people have at least one or even several. It is a standard procedure that you should not be afraid of. We will be happy to explain individual steps in more detail upon request and answer your respective questions. The Rostock Dental Clinic in Frankfurt am Main is your trusted point of contact for all questions regarding dental implants.