Partner with bite:
Rostock & Lions Frankfurt

Since 2017, the ROSTOCK clinic has had a passionate partnership with the traditional Löwen Frankfurt ice hockey team. And the partnership is not limited to “sports dental protectors” …

In Bavaria bears are sighted and in the Rhine Main area there are lions. Even in the middle of Frankfurt! The lions are Hesse’s most successful ice hockey team. “Ice field hockey and lions” – this combination promises fantastic live sport. Without violence and with respect, every home game in the legendary ice rink at Bornheimer Hang will be an unforgettable experience.

And behind the professional team is one of Germany’s largest youth clubs, committed to the athletic development, personality development and health promotion of our children. With Löwenherzen e.V., the Lions are not only showing their sporting bite, but also an exemplary humanitarian commitment. We think that’s good. And we want to support it!

If you want to see the lions live – tickets are available here.

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